Regular Courses

The Regular Courses are offered to youth who have completed 16 years of age, with a high school graduation or in progress, with aim to professionalize them in choreographic arts. The duration is 2 (two) years, totaling 1,600 hours per course, divided into semester modules with theoretical, practical, complementary extra-curricular activities referred to as Cultural Territories (events open to the population, museum visits, plays, movie theaters, artistic residence).

Field Coordinator | Junior Oliveira

Dança e Performance

Dance and Performance

The Dance and Performance Course intends to create corporal possibilities that extend and assist the process of creation, exploration and organization of thought and movement, presenting tools that organize each interpreter’s choreographic desires. The course aims to develop creativity, autonomy and the capability of exploring and diversifying one’s personal language, enabling the apprentice to acquire the tools to be used to integrate the cast of a dance company or create their compositions in an authoral and independent manner based on subjects associated to social, cultural, behavioral and everyday issues.

Coordinator | Flavio Lima
Teacher | Joceline Gomes

Dramaturgia da Dança

Dance Dramaturgy

The course is focused on the training of choreographers and professionals to work in dance companies, artistic groups and other independent productions in the performing arts field. Dance Dramaturgy shall be developed basically in two segments: experimental and theoretical. The concepts and arguments for the Dance Dramaturgy segment are supported on the need to reflect and present new perspectives in respect to the aesthetics and poetics that represent the PLURAL performing and choreographic desires and crafts in contemporary Brazilian dancing.

Coordinator | Luiz Anastácio
Teacher | Tatiana Avanço


Costume Design in Dance

The course is intended to train professionals apt to craft the “costumes for the scene”, who may work with companies, artistic dance groups, and independently in plays, operas, musicals and other areas of the performing arts. It shall encompass elements of scenic significance based on the body, using pre-established concepts in the history of art and clothing, with a glance to the contemporary and dissident cultures, as well as concepts of territorial emancipation and anti-racist and anti-capacitatist culture, associating them to art direction, choreography, spatiality and the body to be outlined, comprehending their individuality and specific requirements in the relationship with other bodies and spaces.

Coordinator | Teresa Abreu
Teacher | Cintia Félix


Multimedia for Dance 

A course with an interdisciplinary nature that intends to combine state-of-the-art technology with that which is most artisanal in the manner of using digital language in the context of artistic dance production. An all-encompassing and integrated course that shall provide a broad training, bringing professionals to the market who are ready to codify experiences into dance while dialogging with digital language, based on corporal experiences via the somatic technique, as a way to enhance the sense of scenic presence, when dance interacts with multimedia.

Coordinator | Élder Sereni Ildefonso
Teacher | Luana Diniz

gestão cultural

Cultural Production and Management

The course is intended for the training of cultural producers in activities related to cultural artistic projects for dance companies or groups and other artistic groups. In Sync with the segment trends and contemporaneity, the course addresses the concepts of culture, diversity and identity that are dissident from the hegemonic and Eurocentric referential. With emphasis on strategic planning, project development, executive production, fund raising, financial management and systemic assessment, the student shall have training connected with the challenges of production and entrepreneurship with sustainability in the cultural area and on the potential protagonism of dance in creative economy and digital culture.

Coordinator | Flip Couto
Teacher | Adriana Celi